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My purpose is to provide you with successful strategies for obtaining and retaining California Real Estate. Most of the stresses and complaints that result from a transaction can be traced to a lack of prior knowledge or unrealistic expectations. Now entering my 25th year in Real Estate Finance, I have assisted thousands of clients to realize their dreams of profitably owning property – all starting with a good understanding of the process and choices that are available.

Every situation a client faces is unique. My talent is to listen and understand what you want to do. Then I can apply the proper tools along with my personal expertise to find success for you.

For over two decades, I have built up a network of professionals, including Realtors, attorneys, appraisers, escrow officers and tax professionals that at different times can be of value to you.

Whether, you want to purchase and retain real estate or sell for profit, we can help you. Similarly, if you already own real property, interest rates have dropped to historic lows. Now is the best time you may ever have, to realize tremendous savings from refinancing your mortgage debt!

Lastly, when conventional loans are just not available, I have owned a medium sized private money lending company, that has different financing options available. My point is that no matter your situation, there are programs and strategies that exist to help.

My services are available without up-front expense. When I do get paid, it will be because the outcome of what you want to accomplish has been successfully realized. Frankly, there is nothing more fair to you, my potential client, than that!

I also welcome hearing from people with no intention of needing my services, but who have questions about their properties and related financing. If you happen to be in default, or even foreclosure, I encourage you to call me immediately so we can discuss what options exist for you.


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